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APJ World Records

Apj World Records is the path to achieve your success. Let’s showcase your skills, we showcase you to the world. Apj world records is an organisation started in the year 2015, with the aim to exhibit the talents of an individual or a team to the world. You know your talent but don’t know how to get recognition for your talent. Don’t worry. Come to us. We show you the path to reach your goal 

Founder's Message

Mr. R. Ajithkumar is the founder of APJ world record. Our foundation was started in 2018. This foundation helps the students to face challenges in life. Moreover, our foundation conducts many events for the students according to their age categories for men and women. The merit certificate issued under our foundation helps the students for their higher education and job opportunities

Our foundation enhances physical and mental activities of students and helps them to achieve the goals of their life. Training will be given by the experienced coaches for the students and enhance the basic skills. Both individual and group training will be given.

Our foundation also helps the students in building and improving confidence levels. We also teach patience, struggles, treatment and planning for the students.

Mr.R.AJITH KUMAR, Founder of APJ World Records.

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